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Barry Bednar


Barry started his career in 1985 at the Shell Oil Company as an Instrument Technician on seismic vessels. He has held numerous roles within the shipping industry since then, including Freight Trading at Phibro, Koch Industries, and Goldman Sachs. Over the years, he has garnered a broad experience within the sector including managing a maritime engineering business and co-owning/managing pneumatic cement carriers at Makar Navis. Together with Sander Castel, a Dry Bulk Handling company owner, they developed a modern design of converting existing bulk ships into cement carriers. It was his experience that created the inspiration for SodaFlexx. After the first successful project, they developed the concept to treat exhaust gas emissions from ships with sodium bicarbonate powder, much the same way land-based power plants have been doing for decades. In 2019 SodaFlexx was born.

Sander Castel

Chief Technical Officer

Sander has 25 years of experience in the Marine and Offshore industry. He began his career as a mechanical engineer with the Dutch Navy, and sailed for 10 years gaining extensive experience about ship operations and mechanics. After leaving the Navy, he held several marine engineering functions for companies including Caterpillar, Wartsila, Gusto MSC, and ABB. He then developed an Oil & Gas service company in the USA before returning to the family business where he was the COO/CEO of the powder handling specialist CargoFlexX. In 2016 he met Barry working on a project to convert bulk vessels to pneumatic cement powder carriers, and in 2018 they first began developing a system to inject baking soda into the exhaust of marine vessels. This system was the genesis of SodaFlexx and is the basis of the business today.

GANA Swaminathan

Chief Financial Officer

Gana Swaminathan started with SodaFlexx, alongside the founders, since inception. He has extensive experience, across US and Europe, in the alternative investment sector with a specific focus on Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate, Debt & Infrastructure. Over 20+ years of front office experience covering sales & deal structuring, client growth strategy, commercials, relationship development and ESG initiatives. Prior to SodaFlexx, Gana had a good track record of experience in global firms such as Ernst & Young, CITI, BNP Paribas and Bank of New York Mellon. Gana is a Chartered Accountant and Management Accountant.

Elwin Koning

Managing Director, Engineering

From a fairly young age, Elwin has had the urge to lead projects. By pure chance, in 2005, he took a position at a company that supplied fuel separators and heat exchangers for shipping and offshore, and a second passion was added. This led to discovering that ships are basically floating factories loaded with technology, and a lifelong love of ships and the sea was born. I wanted to grow in this. A 3rd passion was added and that was the technology behind the transport, dosing, and storage of dry bulk & powders. After more than 10 years he has led projects on every continent in the world, and is focused on realising projects not only on time, but in a sustainable and responsible manner. He counts as a great achievement being involved in delivering the SodaFlex technology, as it contributes to a better environment that will passed on to his two daughters and their children.


Marketing Director

Olena has more than 10 years of marketing and public relations experience, working for industry-leading brands such as Samsung, Subaru, and BIOMIN (part of DSM Animal Nutrition & Health). She is passionate about creating actionable strategies in marketing communications that work in the most efficient way. She has the ability to create and manage successful initiatives, insight-driven integrated marketing and PR campaigns, key communication projects, and business value projects for global companies.

Eva Dries

Project Manager

Eva graduated from university with a degree in Electro-mechanical engineering, with additional study in marine technologies. She initially worked for the material handling company J-tec which specialised in handling powders and liquids, and then moved to Atlas Copco as a Method Engineer. There she was responsible for the production of generators and dryers, and was a team member working to introduce a new line of O2 generators. She now spearheads the research and development of SodaFlexx’s new CO2 capture system.

Sha'Lez Ibrahim

Project Manager

Jordy Haanskorf

Business development

After obtaining his bachelor's degree in real estate management and sustainability, Jordy started his career as a sustainability advisor for real estate owners. This usually involved renovation and refurbishment projects, but he also was involved in new construction building and planning. He is now working as a liaison between the Sales and Engineering departments in SodaFlexx, and enjoys the challenge of both disciplines and the fact that he is working on technology that can help save the planet.


Technical Advisor