SodaFlexx<sup>®</sup> - Clean Exhaust from Ships

SodaFlexx® - Clean Exhaust from Ships

Sustainable and cost-effective Exhaust Gas Cleaning (EGCS) and Carbon Capture (CCS) solutions for the Maritime Industry

About SodaFlexx


SodaFlexx is an equipment innovator established in 2018 to provide the marine industry an alternative to traditional wet scrubbers. Our dry exhaust gas cleaning systems are adapted from proven land-based technology, and offer shipowners a cost-effective and quick-to-install option to save money by burning lower quality heavy fuel oils without polluting the air or water. In 2022, we acquired N-Flexx, a division of CargoFlexx, a powder handling specialist with over 60 years of experience.

     That expertise is now in-house and allows us to develop and improve our systems in the most efficient way possible.


The SodaFlexx EGCS absorbent handling and dosing equipment design is based on decades of experience in dry powder handling, and ensures that the system is dosed optimally and safely for the required emissions zone. No special construction standards exist for handling sodium bicarbonate, which simplifies the installation, and saves both time and money.


  • Highly cost-effective system typically 30% or less than an installed wet EGCS  
  • 4-6 months between a signed contract and sulphur-free emissions
  • Sulphur emission levels at 0.5% or 0.1%, depending on requirements or emission regulations
  • Using baking soda eliminates the need for high-alloy steel or unobtainium
  • SodaFlexx offers full turn-key installations, or we can supervise owners with their own installations
  • Installation does not require a dry dock or lengthy off-hire period

SodaFlexx Systems

The SodaFlexx® EGCS dry powder unit injects sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) powder directly into the exhaust gas stream to neutralise sulphur compounds (SOx). In the heat and turbulence of the exhaust gas stream, a chemical reaction occurs converting SOx) to a highly stable and non-toxic salt – Sodium Sulphate (Na2SO4). This salt is released safely into the atmosphere (STANDARD) or can be captured by our bespoke cyclone Particulate Capture System (HYBRID) and recycled ashore. The SodaFlexx® EGCS can be connected to the main engine and also to auxiliary generators, boilers, and incinerators. The system is fitted to suit the individual ship, and can consist of bespoke storage units or pre-fabricated containerised and stackable units on a TEU footprint.

SodaFlexx Systems

SodaFlexx Systems

SodaFlexx offers multiple configurations to meet your specific needs: from fully-contained modular systems for container vessels to fully-customizable integrated systems, both with an optional Hybrid particulate capture unit, and our new space-saving carbon capture system.


Designed specifically for container vessels, the SodaFlexx patent-pending modular design houses most components in stackable 20-foot container footprints, helping you get up & running quickly


Integrated Sodium Bicarbonate absorbent storage solutions include vertically or horizontally mounted silos or bespoke storage systems designed to use existing tanks or void spaces

Carbon Capture

A unique combination of technology offers the best blend of Capex, Opex, and space considerations for capturing CO2 on board ocean-going vessels

Logistics & Supply

Sodium bicarbonate is produced by many manufacturers and on all continents. SodaFlexx is your partner for the global supply of sodium bicarbonate and residue disposal. We have established supply lines that allow us to provide just-in-time delivery of absorbent to most major ports. If required, we dispose of or recycle any residues captured by our hybrid systems. We offer delivery options via our custom stackable container units or can deliver/receive in pneumatic trucks or barges depending on the location.


Contact Us

Contact Us

United Kingdom

SodaFlexx Limited
Marquis House
67-68 Jermyn Street
3rd Floor

T: +44 203 336 9292

The Netherlands

SodaFlexx International BV
Pauvreweg 27

M: +31 (0)6 2926 7097

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